Hardy Boys # 25Title: The Borderline Case
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Pages: 149
Reading Level: 9-14
Star Rating: ★★★

The Hardy Boys carry their espionage adventures to the Grecian borders!

The Story.

Frank and Joe Hardy are glad to finally be taking a normal vacation overseas. As part of a student exchange program, they are certain that this time at least, their trip will be undisturbed – and what a trip it is shaping up to be! A detailed tour of Greece replete with guides, first class hotels, and exotic foods! So relaxing.

Or, it should have been relaxing, but almost as soon as the Hardys and their classmates land in Greece, they are attacked by a groupd of thugs! The Hardys would have brushed it off as an accident if a similar attack hadn’t occurred a few days later, and one of their team members disappeared!

When Frank and Joe spot the Gray Man, their Network contact, in Greece, they know that the air is thick with espionage. But what is their role in the struggle? How can they fight for justice without blowing their cover?


Of course the boys do get involved, and of course they do save the day, and of course the entire mission would have been impossible to complete had not the amazing Hardys interfered. How nice.

Not too much violence – the aforementioned thugs are armed with switchblades, but no one is hurt. The boys and their contact in Greece have to fight with lots of bad guys, but whenever possible they stun rather than kill.

Joe develops a bit of a crush for Clea, a Grecian girl who becomes involved in their case, but nothing really happens. Also, Chet is playfully set upon by Alma, another Greek girl, but again nothing happens.

Conclusion. Okay. I enjoyed the international touch to the story, but other than that it isn’t spectacular.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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