Title: Curious George Flies a KiteCurious George Flies a Kite
Author: Margret Rey
Illustrator: H. A. Rey
Pages: 80
Recommended Ages: Read Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★★

I don’t think my family ever owned a Curious George book, but I read plenty in the TJ Maxx children’s section while my Mom shopped. I don’t remember the exact titles of the ones I read, but as soon as I got to the bunny part in this story, I knew I’d read it before.

Curious George lives in the house of the man with the yellow hat. He is a very curious monkey who, once his interest is engaged, cannot rest until it is fully satisfied. In this story, the man in the yellow hat gives George a ball to play with while he goes to work. George has lots of fun playing with the big bright ball, until he happens to glance out of the window and see a tiny house in the neighbor’s yard. Who could that tiny house belong to? Who could fit into such a tiny house?

And thus begins an adventure in which George not only meets the inhabitants of the house, but also goes fishing, and flies a kite – literally. :)

No real cautions – George scamps around satisfying his curiosity, but he is never praised for the trouble he creates.

Conclusion. Cute. I enjoyed this throwback to my childhood.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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