Title: Mare in the MeadowAnimal Ark #31 - Mare in the Meadow
Author: Ben M. Baglio
Illustrator: Ann Baum
Pages: 131
Reading Level: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★

Animal Ark.

The Story.

It seems as though, no matter what time of the year it is, there’s always some animal getting itself hurt or into some kind of trouble! Just now, Smoky – the cat that belongs to Mandy’s grandmother – is suffering from an abscessed tooth! Thankfully, Dr. Hope is able to bring relief to the cat.

But then arises a problem which is not caused by an injury or disease – Chamomile, a beautiful palomino, is in need of someone to exercise her daily. She has a lovely home, but her owner is simply too old to give her the proper exercise – and it seems no one else is available, either!

Can Mandy and James find someone who is willing to ride Chamomile so she doesn’t have to be sold?


In the course of their nosing around, Mandy and James find someone who they think will work as a rider. Her name is Rhian, and she lives just across from Chamomile’s owners. However, there’s a catch – although she was formerly interested in riding horses, Rhian has decided that she no longer wants to spend time riding after she watched a horse she loved die from colic. The fact that her mother urges her to continue riding only makes her more stubborn, and several times she flares out in anger against what she perceives to be other people trying to control her life.

Mandy works out a way to get Rhian back interested in riding, and the story ends happily.

We are told that Mandy is a vegetarian, but it appears that no one else in the story is.

Conclusion. Okay. Of the Animal Ark series read Hound at the Hospital, Colt on Christmas Eve, and Pup at the Palace  before this one.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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