Title: I Can Read About SharksI Can Read About Sharks
Author: C. J. Naden
Illustrator: Paul Lopez
Pages: 46
Recommended Ages: Beginning Readers
Star Rating: ★★★

In this I Can Read book, sharks – both scary and otherwise – are the focus of the text. Every page contains a full size illustration with a few sentences of text either commentating on the scene, or giving additional information concerning the species depicted.

The comment is made on page 33 that “the shark has survived in the sea for millions of years. It is, in fact a prehistoric monster. Sharks of today look and act like sharks that swam the oceans more than 100 million years ago.” [pg. 33]

Several illustrations show sharks ripping at prey – a reddish cloud of blood hangs in the water. Other illustrations, while not gory, emphasized the scary nature of sharks’ teeth. I really didn’t prefer the illustration style of this story.

Conclusion. Probably a more detailed, and better illustrated book can be found, but this one isn’t bad.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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