Title: Mystery of the Midnight MessageMystery of the Midnight Message1
Author: Florence & Roxanne Heide
Illustrator: Seymour Fleishman
Pages: 128
Reading Level: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★

Meet Jay and Cindy Temple, sibling investigators!

The Story.

They were on their way home from visiting cousins when it happened – their bus broke down! Luckily for them, their accident occurred just in front of a motel. They’re bundled into the motel with the other passengers and told that the stay will be free of charge. What an adventure!

But the most exciting part is yet to come! In the middle of the night, the room’s phone begins to ring. When Jay answers, he is told not to speak but to listen. He is then told the location of a package that will help him to complete his part in a robbery!

Jay and Cindy know the message was meant for someone else – but who? And what house do the burglars plan to rob?


Reading this story made me appreciate some of the other children’s mystery series I’ve read. Not because this one was particularly bad – that’s not it at all. It just wasn’t coherent. The story happened in a sort of rough and tumble way without apparent connections between incidents.

One character jokes that they might see a ghost.

Conclusion. So-so. Read The Three Investigators and The Happy Hollisters first.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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