Title: The Glorious FlightThe Glorious Flight
Author: Alice & Martin Provensen
Pages: 40
Reading Level: Read Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★★★

We Americans have a tendency to, while acknowledging the contribution of European aviation, zero in on the Wright Brothers’ role in aviation history. What we neglect to realize is that other countries made their own breakthroughs, all of which contributed to the ultimate success of human flight.

This story, although only forty pages long and a picture book at that, does a fun job introducing children to another successful aviator – Louis Bleriot, conqueror of the English Channel. Through fun pictures and accompanying text, we the readers learn about Monsieur Bleriot’s many unsuccessful attempts to fly and finally his flight over the English Channel.

Conclusion. Deserving of its Caldecott Medal, The Glorious Flight can serve as a super-early introduction for interested aviators.

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