Title: Fluffy and BaronFluffy and Baron
Author: Laura Rankin
Pages: 32
Recommended Ages: Read Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★★★

I’m totally in love with this book. Yes, it’s a children’s read-aloud about a dog and a duck. But it’s still one of the cutest things ever.

Meet Baron – a valiant German Shepherd.

Meet Fluffy – a twaddle of a duck.

Together they form the perfect friendship. Fluffy may be a little thing but she has no qualms about intruding himself into Baron’s food, water, and even his favorite sleeping place! Together they explore the orchards, play hide and seek, chase squirrels, snap at flies.

But the next spring, Fluffy meets ducks who are flying through on their way back home from winter migration. She spends all her time with them, and Baron feels very lonely. But one day, the ducks leave. Baron tries to get Fluffy to play, but she is setting eggs. Baron thinks that he has lost his friend forever.

Several weeks later, Baron hears the squeaks of baby ducklings. Fluffy proudly presents them to her best friend, and together the eleven of them splash in the pond, eat Baron’s food, drink Baron’s water, and finally all settle down together in Baron’s favorite sleeping place.


It’s seriously so sweet. Probably what made it so involving was the superb illustrative work done by Laura Rankin. She truly captured the spirit of a German Shepherd in her pictures – the ears alone are masterful. And Baron’s dejected expression when Fluffy is out playing with the other ducks…

I’m stopping now.

Conclusion. I personally loved this picture book. It will long be one of my favorites.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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