Title: Mystery of the Laughing DinosaurThe Bobbsey Twins #8 - Mystery of the Laughing Dinosaur
Author: Laura Lee Hope
Illustrator: John Speirs
Pages: 127
Reading Level: 7-9
Star Rating: ★★★

The Bobbsey Twins and company take on a disappearing stamp and a laughing dinosaur!

The Story.

The Bobbsey Twins – Nan, Bert, Freddie, and Flossie – are exploring one of Washington D.C.’s biggest museums when two things happen – the dinosaur skeleton they’ve been examining starts laughing, and guards start yelling that one of the exhibitions has been broken into! The Bobbseys are eager to help, but find that several people seem interested in keeping them out of the whole situation. Is it really because they think the Bobbseys are too young to help, or are they afraid of being found out…?


So, this book isn’t from the original Bobbsey Twins Series, although it claims to have been written by the same author. It seems to belong to some sort of pre-series – it’s for an even younger audience than the original series!

The mystery itself tooted along very predictably and without the time for any characterization. I didn’t have any problems with the story itself – the children get along and work together and, although they do face a few perilous situations, there is no real violence.

A reference is made, however to the age of the laughing dinosaur fossil as being millions of years old. Also, when the laugh floats through the museum, it is said to sound like a ghost’s. [The laughing turns out to be a practical joke.]

Conclusion. So-so. Read the original stories and then come back to this one only as filler fiction.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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