Title: The Mystery of the Myrmidon’s JourneyThe Mystery of the Myrmidon's Journey1
Author: John & Nancy Rambeau
Illustrator: Joseph Maniscalco
Pages: 106
Reading Level: 7-10
Star Rating: ★★★

Meet Bill Summers and Ham Clark, world travelers!

The Story.

Bill Summers and Ham Clark were out for a sail with their friend, Captain Swift, when their boat is nearly rammed into by a cruiser. Although they are initially angry at this reckless steering, the boys quickly realize that something is wrong with the cruiser – and that it’s not being steered at all!

The boys decide to board the cruiser. There they find a young girl named Tsing who is just as confused as they are concerning the events which led to the crew’s abandonment of the Myrmidon. But she is adamant that the only solution lies in sailing to Porto Chino, her original destination.

Can Bill and Ham discover the secret of the Myrmidon – and the reason for its abandonment?


The Mystery of the Myrmidon’s Journey comes from a series of books about Bill and Ham, and this showed. The book seemed to rely upon our previous experiences with these boys to give us the understanding of their characters and interest in their welfare that it should have provided on its own.

The solution to the mystery is fairly fantastical – as it turns out, Tsing is really an Eastern Princess who has become the centre of political intrigue. Her guardians are trying to send her back to her home country so that she can be crowned as Queen, and the boys’ cooperation in the plan is essential for success. Right.

Conclusion. Not problematic, but only half interesting.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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