Title: Happy HollistersThe Happy Hollisters #1
Author: Jerry West
Illustrator: Helen S. Hamilton
Pages: 184
Recommended Ages: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★★

The first book in the Happy Hollister series!

The Story.

It’s moving day for the Happy Hollisters! Not only do they have to pack all of their things into two big trucks, but they also have to drive all the way to their new house in Shoreham. The Hollisters are sure that it will be a grand adventure!

It turns out to be more of an adventure than they expected. They get to their home safely enough, but once they arrive there, Pete and Pam detect the presence of an intruder. And one of the trucks – the one carrying the Hollister’s toys and their father’s inventions – is found empty on the side of the road!

Can the Hollisters track down who stole their belongings? And why would anyone be creeping about their home?


I like the Happy Hollisters. I’ve liked them ever since a piano student of mine shared her fascination with them – and we took turns reading a Happy Hollisters book aloud to each other. [Not during the lesson, of course.] The Happy Hollisters are exactly what they claim to be – a very, very happy family who loves to be together and most of all sniff out the truth and arrive at justice!

Although the children are instantly set upon and teased by Joey, a mean boy in their new neighborhood, the Hollisters do not retaliate in kind. Sure, they fight back when he tries to physically hurt them, but they don’t seek out a chance to make him squirm.

The mystery itself had a bit more of a meandery feel to it – it was almost as though the story was trying to balance between being a full blown kids mystery and just a happy neighborhood-style story.

‘Gee’ is used three times, ‘golly’ once.

Conclusion. Super cute. For more thoughts on the Happy Hollisters series, read my review of The Castle Rock Mystery.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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