Title: On a River TripThe Happy Hollisters #2
Author: Jerry West
Illustrator: Helen S. Hamilton
Pages: 184
Recommended Ages: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★★

The Happy Hollisters return!

The Story.

The Happy Hollisters have stumbled across a new mystery – and a problem. The mystery is the stickers the Hollisters keep finding tied around the tails of the fish they catch. Tags that read ‘Old Moe 36’ and the like. What do the tags mean?

The problem is a way to help their father drum up more business for his new supplies store, Trading Post. Pam soon thinks of a way to help – announce a contest! The boy or girl who turns in the largest fish gets a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to Trading Post!

But when the Hollister’s new friend, Brian Reed, disappears, they must figure out why he ran away – and where he went!

Is it possible for the Hollisters to solve two mysteries – all while holding their competition?


The Hollisters are such a cute family. Ever happy, ever resourceful, and ever inquisitive, they rush about Shoreham ferreting out and solving local mysteries. Here and there they meet dead-ends, but they always secure their man in the end.

When Uncle Russ shows the children the foldaway bed in his boat, he calls it a magic trick.

‘Gee’ is used three times, ‘golly’ once.

Conclusion. Great fun. Read with the rest of the Happy Hollisters series.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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