Title: Timothy and the SnakesTimothy and the Snakes
Author: Maurine H. Gee
Illustrator: Charles Geer
Pages: 96
Recommended Ages: 8-10
Star Rating: ★★★★

Another beat up softcover from the 1960s.

The Story.

Timothy Adams is excited to be moving to a ranch with his family. He didn’t expect it to be quite so hot – or dry – as it is, but his new friend Beto more than makes up for the discomforts of the new home.

There is one thing that makes Timothy a bit nervous – and that is his mother’s warning to look out for snakes. Sure his father saucily rejoined “I’ll guve you a dollar for every snake you see, dead or alive”, but Tim’s not sure if that reassures him. But suddenly, Tim realizes, this might be the perfect way to earn money for that new bike he wanted! It will only take thirty or so snakes to get him the total he needs…


Tim is a sweet little boy who tries various methods of earning money – doing chores, selling eggs, etc. – but in the end decides that catching snakes and turning them in to his father is the best bet at making money. After Tim turns six snakes in, Mr. Adams tells him that he can’t keep catching snakes like this and to never mess with snakes again. Tim agrees, but his conscience and discernment are put to the test when a rattlesnake threatens his sister’s cat and kittens. Does killing a snake that is threatening a pet count as an emergency?

‘Golly’ is used once.

Conclusion. A fun little story.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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