Title: The Door in the Dragon’s ThroatThe Cooper Kids #1 - The Door in the Dragon's Throat
Author: Frank Peretti
Pages: 125
Reading Level: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★

Introducing the Cooper Kids!

The Story.

Jay and Lila Cooper are excited to be off on another adventure with their father, a famous archaeologist. Their current project? Exploring a mysterious cavern called ‘The Dragon’s Throat’! Located in a Middle Eastern nation named Nepur, legend has it that no one can approach The Dragon’s Throat without death or ill luck dogging them. But Nepur’s President, Al-Dallam, refuses to be subdued by these threats – he will know what is hidden in that cave!

The Coopers are skeptical of the superstitious stories, but they quickly find that many of the legends are true – the ground does seem to sense the approach of explorers and reacts with violent earthquakes. What exactly is hidden in The Dragon’s Throat?


I was actually really enjoying this book. Sure the theology was Arminian-ish, and the writing style felt fairly modern. But the story itself was attention grabbing, and adventurous antics abounded. The kids and their father often prayed to God for protection, and the Scriptures were given a weighty place in the story.

But why do I say “was actually enjoying”? Did that enjoyment stop? Well, yes. And… no. The story itself tooted along dramatically right to the end and tied everything together well enough, but the truth is the Scriptures were used – or misused – rather too heavily right at the end to warrant my continued appreciation.

Because you’ll never guess what was actually down there in The Dragon’s Throat. Demons. Yes, that’s right – demons.

“Demons were captive in the Dragon’s Throat! Demons as thick as locusts, so many millions of them that they would appear as a cloud of smoke, all reserved for terrible judgment upon the world, all hidden and waiting for eons of time deep within the earth, deep within the bottomless pit, the great prison sealed shut by the great door in the Dragon’s Throat!”[pgs. 109-110]

Numerous passages from Revelation are used to explain exactly how and why this is, but the exciting part comes when someone unlocks the Door, not knowing that The door does not open immediately after it has been unlocked but instead groans and sways with the pressure of the demonic force pent up behind it. The Coopers spend the interim finding the key, rebuking gobs of demons, and finally locking the place back up.

In the end the demons have been contained, but the story ends with an ominous warning;

“When the time is right for God’s Word to be fulfilled . . . when the Lord wants it to happen, no doubt old Satan will get his chance at last. He’ll bring the key, and he’ll open the Door.” [pg. 125]

However, Dr. Cooper assures the children that,

“If I understand the Bible correctly, we won’t be around to see it. The Lord will get us out of here before then.” [pg. 125]

Conclusion. So yeah, not my favorite story, but exciting enough to make me try others from the series!

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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