Title: The Radio Station MysteryThe Radio Station Mystery
Author: Elaine Pageler
Pages: 44
Reading Level: 7-8
Star Rating: ★★

While doing some work for WNAZ, Big Al’s radio station, Brad and Meg notice something fishy. It seems as though every family that gets drawn to participate in ‘Fun Night’ at the Rancho Burr also suffers from a burglary that same night! Is it a coincidence, or a cleverly formed plot?


Super, super simplistic – throughout the whole story there are only two real suspects and only two other characters (besides the main ones). So, when the denoument comes, we know that it’s either the two people who have seemed guilty the whole time (which is bad story form) or the second couple. There are no other options.

Conclusion. Read the Three Cousins Detective Club or Cam Jansen for this age range.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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