Title: The Bobbsey Twins of LakeportThe Bobbsey Twins #1 - Of Bayport
Author: Laura Lee Hope
Illustrator: Pepe Gonzalez
Pages: 109
Recommended Ages: 7-10
Star Rating: ★★★★

Ironically the first book in the Bobbsey Twins series is the third book I’ve experienced with them!

The Story.

The Bobbsey Twins – Nan, Bert, Freddie, and Flossie – are excited when their mother brings home a case for them to solve. It seems that Mrs. Marden, an elderly lady who used to live near their school, hid two valuable items in her old house and then forgot where she hid them! This wouldn’t be quite so urgent if the city was not planning to pull down Mrs. Marden’s old house in a few weeks. If the Bobbseys don’t find the items, they’ll be lost forever!

But can the Bobbseys make any headway in the huge mansion? And what are all those strange sounds? Is the house really haunted as some say, or is someone trying to scare them?


This is the second book I’ve read from the original Bobbsey Twins series (the other being The Bobbsey Twins Search in the Great City), and I found it to be a little more enjoyable. It felt very stop and go-ish – the kids would make a little progress in their case then drop it to eat dinner or go to school or do whatever they had to do – which made the story feel as though it took a long time getting nowhere.

Also, it wasn’t until I went to review the book that I noticed my reprinted edition has been ‘revised and abridged’. Boohoo. :(

Off and on throughout the book the children wonder if the house is haunted, but all of the strange occurrences have been explained away by the end of the story.

Also, what’s up with these city names? Lakeport? Baytown?

Conclusion. Not so enjoyable as The Three Investigators, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, or even The Happy Hollisters.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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