Title: Mystery of the Forgotten IslandMystery of the Forgotten Island
Author: Florence & Roxanne Heide
Illustrator: Seymour Fleishman
Pages: 127
Reading Level: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★

Jay and Cindy Temple return!

The Story.

Jay and Cindy Temple are having the time of their life spending summer vacation down by the lake with their friend, Dexter Tate. There’s swimming and fishing and, best of all, canoeing! But while out rowing one day, the kids come across an island – an island that’s not on the map. The kids disembark and explore only to find that the island is being used to hold an old man, Mr. Alan Whitson, captive until he signs certain papers!

What can the children do to help Mr. Whitson?


Like I said in my review of Mystery of the Midnight Message, reading this story really made me appreciate the other children’s mysteries I’ve read. This book (along with its predecessor) is too jumbled and out there to really be an inviting read for kids.

A few references to ghosts while out on a campout.

Conclusion. So-so. Read The Happy Hollisters, The Three Investigators, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew first.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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