Title: The Thundering UndergroundThe Baker Street Mysteries #4 - The Thundering Underground
Author: Jack & Luke Thoene
Pages: 135
Reading Level: 9 & up
Star Rating: ★★★

Book four in the Baker Street Mysteries!

The Story.

When a blast shakes the newly constructed tunnels of the underground, killing several men, the public assume that the destruction was accidental – that it is a sign of how unsafe the proceedings are. But Danny Wiggins, Peachy Carnehan, Duff Bernard, and Clair Avery (also known as the Baker Street Irregulars) believe that shady dealings may be afoot and that, in fact, someone wanted that “accident” to occur!

But can they gather together the proof and turn it over to Mr. Sherlock Holmes in time to prevent an even larger catastrophe from befalling the London scene?


As in my review of The Giant Rat of Sumatra, I have to say that while I enjoyed this book as a reimagination of the Holmes legend, it cannot be considered prime Holmesian fiction. This quote alone should help you to understand what I mean when I say that while the eccentricity of Holmes is captured, his majesty is not.

Holmes chuckled and said, “It sounds very droll, but spare me the details. I hate to squirt tea from my nose so early after my bath.” [pg. 60]


All around he has less mystique and more highhandedness about him. Also, the troubling absence of Watson was continued without so much as a word of explanation as to his whereabouts.

Two of the boys hear a ghostly voice echoing through the chamber which they assume to be that of a man. No fixed explanation is ever given of this incident.

A few chance references to God – His helping the boys to persevere in their task, etc.

Conclusion. About on the same level as The Giant Rat of Sumatra – read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes and The Case of the Baker Street Irregular.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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