Title: Who Walks the Attic?Who Walks the Attic
Author Laura Bannon
Pages: 126
Recommended Ages: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★★

It’s time for a children’s mystery!

The Story.

Hollis Blair and his three siblings are staying at their new home in the country while their parents fetch the last of their belongings from their old home in Detroit. Hollis is certain that he will love this new home, surrounded as it is by pastures and forests, but he is also disturbed. For several nights in a row he has heard something creeping around in the attic – where nothing at all should be creeping!

Can Hollis discover what or who is making these mysterious sounds? Will the children be safe until their parents return?


I liked this story a lot. It wasn’t especially brilliant in terms of a plot, but I loved the way the four siblings interacted with each other. Hollis loves to tease his two sisters, but he does so in a fun, positive way, and they understand that he feels affectionately towards them. Also, they don’t spend all of their time arguing with each other, so they are actually able to get things done around their new house and make friends with their neighbors.

Probably my favorite part was the drawing that Hollis’s brother, Mike works on throughout the story. He first draws it to delineate their suspect, and as more clues amass [and the suspect changes] the picture becomes a contortion of non-compatible elements. It really is adorable. Here is the finished product. :)

WWTA Drawing1

One sibling chancingly teases another about a troll.

‘Golly’ is used three times.

Conclusion. A fun, fresh children’s mystery.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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