Title: Guinea Pig in the GarageAnimal Ark # 19 - Guinea Pig in the Garage
Author: Ben M. Baglio
Illustrator: Shelagh McNicholas
Pages: 125
Reading Level: 7-11
Star Rating: ★★

Animal Ark!

The Story.

Mandy has to do some quick thinking. Johnny Foster is going on a vacation and had secured someone to take care of his pet guinea pig, Brandy, and her babies, but now she’s backed out. He needs a new volunteer and pronto. But Mandy’s parents have a fairly strict rule – no pets, no refugees, and no boarders. So who can take care of Brandy?

When Mandy discovers that Rachel Farmer wants to have a pet but is not allowed to by her family, she thinks she may have found the perfect match. Rachel’s family surely can’t object to having a guinea pig for one week which will make Rachel happy and may even begin the job of convincing Rachel’s parents that she should have a pet.

But Rachel often has a tendency to make emotional decisions before consulting her head… Will Johnny’s pets be safe with her?


This story didn’t have an especially brilliant plot – in fact, Rachel Farmer was downright annoying with her constant “heart-led” decisions that put several animals in jeopardy. In the end she seems to have realized that she can’t just make decisions that pay no regard to the animals’ safety, but STILL.

What I did like was the fact that this book didn’t contain a lot of “animals are practically people” sentiments and “how could the evil, evil person dislike cats” style rants.

Conclusion. Nothing special, but one of the less annoying books in this series.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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