Title: The Mystery of the Talking SkullThe Three Investigators #11 - The Mystery of the Talking Skull
Author: Robert Arthur
Pages: 179
Recommended Ages: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★★

My little favorites return in their eleventh adventure!

The Story.

When the Three Investigators bought the old trunk at an auction, they had no clue that it would turn into such a hotbed of interest. But almost immediately, offers start coming in – lucrative offers – for the trunk. What is so special about this particular trunk?

The boys soon learn that the trunk belonged to The Great Gulliver, an amateur magician who disappeared a year before. The trunk contains a few of his belongs as well as Socrates, a skull which some claim has the ability to speak.

As the boys further investigate the matter, they find that the circumstances of the Great Gulliver’s disappearance were mysterious. They also hear the skull talking themselves! But why so much interest in the trunk? Is it just because of Socrates? Or is there something more important at stake?


Sadly – very sadly – my copy of The Mystery of the Talking Skull is missing the entire first chapter! That’s what I get for buying it used. Because of this missing section I am unable to report what happened in the first fifteen pages or so of the story. But the rest was loads of fun.

Of the three boys only Jupe is eager to investigate the case. Bob and Pete are both a little weirded out by the idea of a talking skull, and would rather leave well enough alone. But Jupe is curious, probing. He suspects that the trunk holds interest beyond what is immediately apparent. In the end he is proved to be correct.

I was able to figure out most of the mystery way ahead of time, but there were still a few twists that caught me off guard.

The skull does indeed speak, but in the end this is explained without the aid of the supernatural.

Conclusion. A fun story. Also read The Mystery of Crooked Cat and The Mystery of the Rogues Reunion.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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