Title: Little RichardLittle Richard
Author: Patricia M. Scarry
Illustrator: Cyndy Szekeres
Pages: 94
Recommended Ages: Beginner / Read Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★★★

I like Beatrix Potter’s stories. They’re a little weird, but they generally teach some kind of a lesson. For example – if you’re stupid you might get eaten by a fox. Or if you tease your elders, your tale might be bitten off. Those kinds of lessons.

But lately, I’ve been finding some really cute stories that follow the whole animal-civilization idea, but don’t have the strangeness. One example would be The High Hills, while another is Little Richard.

Little Richard is a young rabbit who lives with Mother Rabbit and Father Rabbit and engages in much adventurous exploration in the surrounding forest. Whether he’s tracking whimpers, having sleepovers with Porcupine or helping Mother Rabbit by eating all of the cookies she just baked, Little Richard is all about living life to its fullest.

Patricia Scarry did a great job capturing the tiny episodes of home life that make childhood such a joy. The illustrations alternate between black and white sketches to full color pictures.

Conclusion. Adorable – Little Richard and his family will charm your young children. :)

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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