Title: What Happened at MidnightHardy Boys #10 - What Happened at Midnight
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Pages: 173
Recommended Ages: 8-12
Star Rating; ★★★★

These guys just never stop…

The Story.

So maybe the Hardy boys have trespassed a few times – even snuck into crime master’s headquarters on an occasion or two. But this is the first time they’ve ever been asked to break into a house – and by the owner himself!

But Mr. Malcolm Wright, inventor and all around genius, has submitted this extraordinary request. You see, he’s away trying to recover an antique plane and he’s afraid that while he’s gone a gang may try to break in and steal one of his most powerful inventions. It is of paramount importance that the Hardy boys steal it first…

The boys successfully steal the invention, but they also have a run in with this mysterious gang. Will the Hardys be safe? Can they keep the invention out of the gang’s hands until Mr. Wright returns? And will they still be alive by the time that happens?


I loved this quote on page 147. Aunt Gertrude has just urged Mrs. Hardy to yank Frank and Joe from the case since it is so dangerous, claiming that it is what Mr. Hardy would want, but Laura Hardy responds,

“Fenton expects his sons to follow through and see justice done. He doesn’t want me to pamper them into being cowards.” [pgs. 147-148]

Oh, yeah!

 ‘Gosh’ is used once.

Conclusion. A good story.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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