Title: The Littles Take a TripThe Littles Take a Trip
Author: John Peterson
Illustrator: Roberta Carter Clark
Pages: 95
Reading Level: 7-10
Star Rating: ★★

Remember the Littles of The Littles Go to School, The Littles and the Perfect Christmas, and The Littles and the Lost Children? They return!

The Story.

It’s become almost unbearable for Tom and Lucy Little, this creeping about amongst the walls fearing lest the Biggs discover their presence. They want friends, real friends; friends their own age and size to play with and rely upon. But the only other Littles live houses away in both directions, and Littles never travel.

Is it time to change that tradition?


As I’ve already mentioned in my reviews of The Littles and the Lost Children and The Littles Go to School,  the main characters of this series are called ‘Littles’. That is their classification. But what are they, exactly? They are six inch tall people who live in the walls of regular sized people’s houses and have tails. Yes, tails.

The Littles function in a miniature human culture, although they are hampered by the inconvenient necessity that they can never be seen by regular people. They live in the walls and eat regularly served meals around tables, observe familial connections, and participate in human activities such as exercise, education, and flight.

As a fantasy culture, the Littles aren’t really problematic – there is absolutely no magic, and the world their world is governed by precisely the same laws as humans. They are called people and act like people. The only thing that is different is their size and their tails.

In this particular story, the Little children are struggling with their enforced  isolation from other members of their species. It takes some effort on the part of the parents to understand this desire, but they finally decide to try to oblige their children’s wish. Thence ensues a grand adventure as the Littles brave hawks and weasels to meet their fellow creatures.

‘Golly’ is used twice.

Conclusion. The Littles aren’t my favorite characters in the world, but they also aren’t horrid.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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