Title: Kate’s Secret PlanKate's Secret Plan
Author: Susan Saunders
Illustrator: Sandy Rabinowitz
Pages: 121
Reading Level: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★

From the ‘Treasured Horses Collection’.

The Story.

Every year, Kate McGill has secretly hoped that she would get a horse for her birthday. And every year she’s been disappointed. But this year, the year of her tenth birthday, Kate is not disappointed, for she receives Chinook, a beautiful quarter horse, as her own!

Kate sees quickly that Chinook has all of the makings of a fine cutting horse – a horse who will work well with cattle. She wants to enter him into the cutting contest at Medicine Hat, but there’s one problem – girls aren’t allowed to compete.

Can Kate find a way to wiggle herself into the competition anyway?


As you may have been able to deduce from my review, Kate’s Secret Plan was very much a girls-are-every-bit-as-good-as-boys book. Kate is bound and determined to participate in the cutting contest, and when her twin brother has to withdraw with a broken ankle, she pretends to be him, and rides in his place. She doesn’t tell her father her plan because she is afraid he will be angry with her, but it turns out that he is very proud of her for her gumption and determination.

Conclusion. I preferred Pretty Lady of Saratoga out of this series.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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