Title: Harriet TubmanHarriet Tubman (KKS)
Author: Kem Knapp Sawyer
Pages: 128
Recommended Ages: 9-14
Star Rating: ★★★★

When I found this book, I couldn’t remember if I already owned it – I couldn’t remember who Harriet Tubman was written by. But since it was only $ .10, I decided to bring it home and, if I did own it, pass it off on one of my relatives.

As it happens, I did not own it. That other one was written by Laurie Calkhoven; this by Kem Knapp Sawyer, author of Eleanor Roosevelt.

This book followed a predictable path from Harriet’s early years, through her hiring out and eventual placement in the fields – her marriage to John Tubman, escape to freedom, and return to aid others. Her involvement as a spy in the War Between the States is mentioned and her post-war social activism. However, one thing Harriet Tubman did include, which isn’t usually in her biographies, was a short history of the slave trade in American and an explanation of how Harriet’s particular family came to be owned by Edward Brodess.

It is mentioned that Harriet sustained a head injury after which she believed she received dreams and visions from God. On one of the last pages, Barack Obama is quoted in praise of Harriet Tubman. Like there weren’t other, far more historically impressive people who weighed in on her life…

The text is accompanied with lots of sober pictures and paintings that add authenticity to the setting.

Conclusion. Good – Harriet Tubman [Calkhoven], Harriet Tubman [Callie Grant Smith], and The Story of Harriet Tubman [Kate McMullan] are all good resources.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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