Title: ScuffyScuffy the Tugboat
Author: Gertrude Crampton
Illustrator: Tibor Gergely
Pages: 24
Reading Level: Read Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★★

Scuffy is sad. Scuffy is cross. Scuffy doesn’t want to live all of his life at the toystore. He wants to go out and see the world – go on a grand adventure on the famous waterways of the world! But how can he do that while he is stuck on the shelf?

One day, the man in the polka dot tie who owns the toyshop takes pity on Scuffy and brings him home to sail in the bathtub. But Scuffy refuses to sail in the tub – a fine tugboat like him deserves to float on a real river! So the man in the polka dot tie brings Scuffy down to the river. But once he gets a taste of freedom, Scuffy chugs his way down the river towards the ocean, going faster and faster!

Will Scuffy ever go back to the man with the polka dot tie? Or is he adrift forever?


I loved this story as a child. My sister and I would read the story to each other over and over again. It really is adorable.

Although Scuffy runs away from the man with the polka dot tie in chase of grander, wilder adventures, he eventually comes back home to them and announces as he sails from one end of the bathtub to the other that “This is the place for a red-painted tugboat, and this is the life for me.”

Conclusion. Adorable.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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