Title: Final CutHardy Boys Casefiles #34 - Final Cut1
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Pages: 155
Reading Level: 8 & up
Star Rating: ★★★

H.a.r.d.y.B.o.y.s. [I’m trying for a little variation]

The Story.

Nobody’s quite sure why it always turns out this way, but those Hardy boys, Joe and Frank have once again uncovered a mystery – and a corpse to go along with it.

And not just any corpse – the body was once Bennett Fairburn, a TV screenwriter. The police suspect Jim Addison, an actor who was working on Fairburn’s latest project, of having committed the murder, but Jim swears he’s innocent and enlists the help of Fenton Hardy. Fenton agrees on one condition – Frank and Joe must be hired by the film company so that they can keep an eye on the different actors in the drama.

When Joe and Frank arrive on set, they are quickly made the target of several serious pranks. Are these initiatory style jokes, or are they attempts at murder?


This story probably had some of the most interesting scenes that I’ve read in any of the Hardy Boys Casefiles. Of especial interest was the fight that took place between the Hardys and a villain while a fake fight was being filmed for the movie. Of course, the Hardys always have to do things the most difficult way – risk being abducted rather than alerting officials, etc. – but they still handled this case about as well as could be expected.

However, the opening chapter contained an incident that only served to reinforce in my mind just how different this series is from the original series – the boys attended a community-type meeting with their Aunt Gertrude, and the whole time Joe grumbled about how he wished he was at the mall instead! I might be able to see the original Frank and Joe chafing that they weren’t out on a case, but I can’t see them preferring to hang out at the mall rather than a civic meeting!

A manager tells the Hardy boys that they could break a lot of teenage hearts if they became movie stars. Joe displays a certain amount of interest in Trish Cochran, who also works on the film set.

Conclusion. Not stellar story telling by any stretch of the imagination.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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