Title: Trapped at the Bottom of the SeaCooper Kids #4 Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea
Author: Frank Peretti
Pages: 144
Reading Level: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★

Cooper Kids #4!

The Story.

She just wanted some time away from her family, away from their endless expeditions. She wanted some time to grieve – grieve over her lost mother and grieve over the shell her father has built around himself. Lila feels as though she is the only one who wants to stay connected to her mother, that since her death Dr. Cooper has just sealed himself up and refused to show or feel emotions connected to his dead wife. And Lila just can’t stand it anymore. So she asked to fly back home.

That was when – two days ago? And now here she is, in a military pod at the bottom of the ocean. So many things happened in that short flight – the hijacking, the shootings, Lieutenant Jamison shoving her into the pod and locking her inside it as the plane hurtled towards the ocean, and then silence. Silence. Sure, she’s alive in the pod, but does anyone know where it is? Does anyone know where she is? And can she really expect her father to fly to her rescue after their fight?


Of the four Cooper stories I’ve read, this one featured the most developed character arcs. In the other stories, the spiritual content was found in the fight the Coopers were waging with unbelievers – in this story, Lila’s soul contends with itself at the bottom of the ocean. She burns with anger, frustration, sadness, bitterness, and despair as she recalls the pain of her mother’s death, the confusion of impenetrable silence her father maintains concerning the death, and the bitterness she unleashed on him in their last discussion. She prays to God that He not let this be their last interaction, that He allows them one last chance to work through their sorrow together. She prays that God would soften her own heart and not let her harbor bitterness. And she prays most of all for her escape.

And what’s this? Another human element! Is Dr. Cooper forming an attachment to Meaghan Flaherty? :O

There are no weird supernatural elements to top off the story – no demons or gods or angels or anything that really shouldn’t be there.

Conclusion. Definitely one of the better Cooper Kids adventures.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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