Title: Danny Orlis, Bush PilotDanny Orlis, Bush Pilot
Author: Bernard Palmer
Pages: 127
Reading Level: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★

Meet Danny Orlis, pilot and preacher!

The Story.

Danny Orlis is happy to have landed his current job – flying supplies into a Canadian mine will get him the extra flight hours he needs. Besides, it’s nice to take a break from his Guatemalan missions and experience the cold mountainous terrain of the north. The only thing Danny is worried about is whether there will be ample opportunity to share his faith.

He needn’t have worried. He is almost instantly befriended by a gang of boys, each of whom is fascinated by his plane. As Danny gets to know the boys he learns just what varied personalities, hurts, and needs lurk beneath their hardened surfaces. But can he reach any of them for Christ?


Danny is a man who is passionate about sharing his faith – or, at least, passionate about telling people that Christ is the only solution to any problem they land themselves in. I appreciated Danny’s zeal, but found that his method of sharing his Christian convictions was a bit high-handed.

Hal Seybold, the young boy who gets closest to Danny, is in desperate need of help. His father is an abusive drunk whose temper flares up whenever Hal questions his cruel ways. When Mr. Seybold refuses to give Hal permission to ride in Danny’s plane, another boy urges Hal to fake Mr. Seybold’s signature so he can get the ride anyway. Hal is hesitant – he knows it isn’t quite right – but he is also sore from Mr. Seybold’s harsh treatment. In the end he does trick Danny into taking him up without his dad’s permission. The plane breaks down and Hal, scared that they won’t survive, apologizes to Danny and prays to Christ for salvation. The part that freaked me out, though, was when they got back home. Mr. Seybold angrily storms over to the pair, grabs, Hal, and storms off with him. Danny, though a grown man, doesn’t try to stop him, although he knows what Mr. Seybold will do to Hal, and instead turns to his wife, Kay to report the wonderful news – Hal has accepted Christ!

Seriously? You’re so eager to report that your attempts at conversion were successful that you let the young convert get dragged off by a drunk, violent, abusive dad?

Conclusion. Okay – a little adventurey, but also a little nauseating at the end.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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