Title: Flesh and BloodHardy Boys Casefiles #39 - Flesh and Blood
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Pages: 150
Reading Level: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★

Hi, Hardys…

The Story.

Frank and Joe Hardy were heading out to beach when they heard the tornado warning over the radio. Turning back to Bayport, they find not only an entire portion of the city demolished, but a petty thief making off with his goods. When caught, the boy tries to cut a deal with Joe. He knows information about a plot to kill Fenton Hardy. If they let him off, he’ll leak the info – if they arrest him, he’ll clam up.

Frank and Joe don’t know what to think. It’s true that Fenton’s job has created many enemies – but is it possible that this small fish could know anything about a real plot?


In the last Hardy Boys Casefiles I read, Frank and Joe were rescuing their mother from her kidnappers. Now, they’re rescuing their father from a loony murderer.

Looks like those parents need to tone down their activities, dontcha think?

Since the activity happens in Bayport, Frank’s girlfriend Callie is around for the action. After Frank rescues her from being killed by a bomb she kisses him, but other than that everything’s pretty tame.

Discussion. Not bad for a Casefile.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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