Title: Lucretia MottLucretia Mott
Author: Constance Buel Burnett
Illustrator: Nathan Goldstein
Pages: 200
Recommended Ages: 7-10
Star Rating: ★★★★

1950s hardcover!

Her Life.

Lucretia Mott was born on Nantucket Island in 1793. Her father, Thomas Coffin, was a sea captain and Lucretia spent all of her earliest years helping her mother, Anna, raise her siblings and look after their home while their father was away.

When Lucretia was thirteen, she and her family moved to Boston. There she attended the public schools for a short time before her parents hurriedly decided to send her back to a Quaker boarding school. There she was not only educated, but became an educator herself. It was during her time at this school – Nine Partners School – that Lucretia’s views of equal rights for men and women were first aroused. She found it entirely unfair that the male teachers at the school received three times the salary of the female teachers – and for teaching the same hours!

But she had one thing to thank Nine Partners for – and that was for providing her with her own partner! Shortly after Lucretia left Nine Partners, she received – and accepted – an offer of marriage from one of her fellow teachers, James Mott. Together they worked to build a family and to spread notions of racial and gender equality through speeches, lectures, and pamphlets. Today, Lucretia Mott is known as one of the architects of Women’s Rights.

Lucretia Mott was a Quaker, so several Quaker sentiments creep their way into the book. Lucretia is reported as saying that after her son died,

“I turned very earnestly to God for comfort. I listened to the Inner Voice. I began to speak in Meeting of the light which came to me. Those days seemed dark, but I can see now that God was preparing me for my life work.” [g. 190]

Lucretia meets a little Indian girl who tells stories about her god.

Conclusion. If you decide to buy this book, try to find the original hardcover edition – it’s worth it. :)

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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