Title: The Mystery of Horseshoe CanyonLinda Craig #4 The Mystery of Horseshoe Canyon
Author: Ann Sheldon
Pages: 189
Reading Level: 7-11
Star Rating: ★★

Remember Linda Craig in The Mystery in Mexico? She’s back!

The Story.

Linda Craig, her brother Bob, and their friends Larry and Kathy are all training their horses to compete in various categories of a horse show when a mystery drops into their laps. A smattering of clues points to the conclusion that a couple of jewel thieves are in the area and that they are committing minor robberies all while planning to commit a much larger heist.

But what could this larger target be?


Like I mentioned in my review of The Mystery in Mexico, the Linda Craig series holds no great claim in detective fiction – in fact, the characters could hardly be called detectives as they most often accidentally trip over clues rather than discovering them through dexterous investigation.

Perhaps it is because I did not read the story in one sitting, but the story itself felt almighty scattered. All sorts of things happened without seeming to have a unifying purpose.

One character admits to not being entirely skeptical of an old Indian curse.

‘Goll-lee’ is used once.

Conclusion. Read Nancy Drew, The Three Investigators, The Great Brain, and the Hardy Boys before reading Linda Craig.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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