Title: The GreeksThe Greeks
Author: Gillian Chapman
Illustrator: Teri Gower
Pages: 24
Reading Level: 7-8
Star Rating: ★★★

This is one of those incredibly skimpy books that are included in children’s lunch meals from Chick-fil-A. (Kudos to them that they’re giving out books instead of those even skimpier, even stupider toys that most places give.)

Short though it is, it provides a fun introduction for children to the world of Greek art and offers some fairly accurate-but-easy ways for children to experiment with making their own “Grecian” art from masks to charm bracelets and frescoes.

Conclusion. Not a book I’d spend much money on, but if it drops into your lap, it’s actually pretty nifty.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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