Title: Where do you live?Where Do You Live
Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones & Rick Brown
Pages: 16
Reading Level: Read Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★

 So, I’ll preface this review by saying that I really enjoy flap up books. Even when they’re a little less than brilliant, I still enjoy them.

This particular book makes its way through many different environments – ponds, nests, fields, burrows, under the sea, etc., asking the little child on the page if he lives there. The top of the flap shows the child in the setting, but the flap opens to reveal what really lives there – a frog, bird, horse, rabbit, etc. On the last page we see a little boy in his room and we read a verse from Matthew 6 – the one that assures us that God will clothe us and give us a home.

Conclusion. Cute but SUPER elementary.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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