Title: Lost in the Secret CaveLost in the Secret Cave
Author: Peter Reese Doyle
Pages: 127
Reading Level: 8-11
Star Rating: ★★

A trek into a secret-surrounded cave? Wait for me!

The Story.

The Darings are determined that after spending their entire summer apprehending evil doers, their stay on the beautiful Portuguese coastline will be occupied by only mild, explorative adventures, instead of mad, death defying ones. But their resolution is broken the moment they step aside from the beach to explore a cave – a cave which, though they don’t know it yet, is being used to stash millions of dollars worth of illegally gained gold ingots!

Can Mark, Penny, and David escape from the maze of underground tunnels and alert the police to the goings on? Or will they be captured by the very men who stole the gold?


The Daring Adventures are basically Cooper Kids wannabes; they feature worldwide exploration and a certain degree of danger, but of a much cheesier ilk. Also, they try to teach elements of Christianity, but do not venture nearly so far into the supernatural as Peretti does. For example, the entire third chapter of Lost in the Secret Cave is dedicated to giving a history of Portugal and the influence of Christianity in the country, but instead of flowing with the plot, it felt superimposed.

As the kids are flying about the cave, they often pray to God for protection and guidance.

David’s appreciation of Penny as “the sweetest and cutest girl he’d ever known” continues, but is only evidenced by a hug here and there.

‘Gosh’ is used once.

Conclusion. An okay story – not really superior as a story or as a source of historical information.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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