Title: The LittlesThe Littles
Author: John Peterson
Illustrator: Roberta Carter Clark
Pages: 80
Reading Level: 7-9
Star Rating: ★★

Meet the Littles!

The Story.

The Littles are rather nervous. All of their lives they’ve lived inside the walls of Mr. and Mrs. Biggs’ home, and it’s been fairly safe – sure, they’ve had to worry about being spotted on their quick dashes to gather food off of the dining room floor, but they no longer have to worry about being attacked by mice. But this is different – now the Biggs are going away for an entire three months and letting the house out to strangers! Will the Littles be discovered?


It’s rather funny reading the first book in a series after you’ve already read several other books in the series. You already know the characters, but you’re having to “re-meet” them so to speak.

The strangest part was, that this book didn’t feel like an introduction. It didn’t establish the Littles in their normative environment. It really felt like it should have been one of the later books in the series. Because we don’t experience the normal pattern of their lives – instead, they are facing immediate changes. Their people are leaving for a vacation and strangers are coming to live in their stead. Also, there is anh invasion of mice which, we are assured, never happens when the Biggs are home to keep the place clean.

I’ve mentioned in other stories the basic premise of the Littles series – Littles are six inch tall people who live in the walls of normal human’s houses and who have tails. They live and act like normal human beings, apart from the aforementioned differences.

Conclusion. So-so.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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