Title: Mystery of the Flying ExpressHardy Boys #20 - The Mystery of the Flying Express
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Pages: 177
Reading Level: 7-10
Star Rating: ★★★


The Story.

Spencer Given’s fancy new hydrofoil, the Flying Express, is causing quite a stir in Bayport – and not the kind he’d hoped to create. Although initially people are eager to travel the seas in his ship, word gets about that the hydrofoil is dangerous – and should be run out of Bayport Harbor.

But who could have started this rumor? And are the Hardy boys willing to investigate?


Callie Shaw and Iola Morton get more screen time in this one which is fun – they and the Hardys act a little coupley, but nothing objectionable occurs.

Probably of more concern to parents is Chet’s temporary infatuation with horoscopes. He prattles on about different people being Ram and Scorpio, but the Hardy boys look on his conclusions with good humored condescension. In the end, Chet’s knowledge of horoscopes helps them solve the case because their suspect is a superstitious man who governs himself in accordance with his stars.

As an older reader I found most of this chatter amusing, but children may be more influenced.

‘Gee’ and ‘gosh’ are each used once.

Conclusion. Not the first Hardy Boys I’d recommend.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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