Title: Madeline and the GypsiesMadeline and the gypsies
Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
Pages: 56
Reading Level: Read Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★

What ho, Madeline, oh attender of that school in Paris that was covered in vines where lived twelve little girls in two straight lines…

Right, yes, I’ll stop.

Anyhow, in this particular installment of Madeline’s adventures, Madeline and her little schoolmates are invited by the son of the Spanish ambassador to attend a gypsy carnival and wouldn’t you know in all the fuss and rain that accompanied the departure of Miss Clavel and the little schoolgirls Madeline and Pepito were forgot at the top of the Ferris wheel! Thus begins Madeline’s adventures with the Gypsies… and quite wild ones they turn out to be!


This book felt a bit like a departure from the tone of Madeline and Madeline’s Rescue, but it was still quite funny and charming.

In a slightly creepy turn of events, the Gypsy fortuneteller forsees that Miss Clavel is coming to Madeline’s rescue and sews both Madeline and Pepito into a lion costume. Madeline and Pepito then wander the countryside seeking help and scaring people before finally being rescued by Miss Clavel.

Conclusion. Like I said, not quite as darling as Madeline and Madeline’s Rescue, but still funny.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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