Title: I Wonder Why The Wind BlowsI Wonder Why - The Wind Blows
Author: Anita Ganeri
Pages: 32
Reading Level: 7-10
Star Rating: ★★

The I Wonder Why Series is a set of books which poses and answers fundamental questions children have about the world they live in. This particular book addresses questions concerning our planet itself – What is the Earth made of? Which are the tallest mountains? Where do rivers begin and end? How high is the sky?

–        And gobs more. Here are a few of the facts I most enjoyed learning from this book.

–        The Himalayan mountains are still being pushed taller by the movements inside the Earth.

–        Even though Antarctica is a land of ice, it contains a volcano named Mount Erebus that’s still active!

–         In 1931, a tornado lifted a train into the air and dumped it in a ditch!

An entire two pages (6-7) are devoted to the age of the Earth (consisting of multiple references to millions and billions of years. It is mentioned that there are volcanoes on Mars and an illustration is shown of a splotchy green alien-looking thing running away from a volcano. Page 13 says that “The people of ancient China believed that the Earth was balanced on the shoulders of a giant ox. Earthquakes happened when the ox shifted the Earth from one shoulder to the other.”

We are told on page 15 not to try to watch a stalactite grow because of how long that may take and an accompanying illustration shows a skeleton sitting on a rock.

The basic idea behind global warming is mentioned on page 18.

Conclusion. Not as good as the other three books I’ve read in the series.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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