Title: Who Lived in Castles?Who Lived in Castles
Author: Mary Cummings
Pages: 32
Recommended Ages: 8 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★

I bought this book expecting it to be all about the magnificent knights and ladies who lived in castles and the marvelous adventures to be found therein. Instead, although there were several Q&As that concerned castles and knights, the focus of the book jumped about from castles to pirates to highwaymen, the Boston Tea Party, Robin Hood, Guy Fawkes, and generally any historical question that held adventure and intrigue.

One feature that I appreciated about Who Lived in Castles? was the fact that every few pages a few questions were asked regarding the content of the previous pages which the reader is supposed to answer, thus proving their attentiveness to the content.

It is mentioned that “thousands of people in Peru celebrate the festival of Inti Raymi… Originally held for the Sun god, there is lots of drumming and dancing.” [pg. 31]

The illustration style is a combination of realistic looking pixtures and cartoons.

Conclusion. Children will enjoy this book’s Q&A style and will be prompted to ask more in depth questions regarding the topics covered.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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