Title: Shark AttackShark ATtack
Author: Cathy East Dubowski
Pages: 48
Reading Level: Beginner
Star Rating: ★★★

Although its contents are made more alluring by the title Shark Attack, this DK Eyewitness Reader is actually dedicated to disproving the notion that sharks are bloodthirsty predators who spend all of their free time gnawing on humans. Funnily enough, however, the book begins with several accounts of shark attacks and explanations of why each of those particular attacks probably occurred.

We are then taught several rules for shark safety – such as not swimming in the ocean when there is any amount of blood diffusing into it, etc. Some factual information regarding sharks’ behavior and anatomy is related, but is obviously not the main focus of the book. The last eight pages (of the forty-eight page book) even goes so far as to make the case that it is sharks who are under attack from humans rather than vice-versa.

Millions of years is mentioned several times and the last page posits that “sharks have had a home on our planet far longer than we have. It would be a shame if people made them disappear from our seas forever.” [pg. 47]

Several illustrations are included which show sharks actually biting people. There is blood in the surrounding water.

Illustrations are included of people in swimsuits (mostly men in shorts).

Conclusion. Not as good as I Can Read About Sharks.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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