Title: World War II PilotsWorld War II Pilots 2
Author: Michael Burgan
Pages: 112
Recommended Ages: 8 & up
Star Rating: ★★★

Remember The Titanic and The Attack on Pearl Harbor?

Well both of are those from the same series – a series that contains ‘Interactive History Adventures’ which is a nice sophisticated way of saying ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. So World War II Pilots doesn’t contain stories about real WWII airmen – instead, it allows you to be one!

WWII Pilots begins with a brief explanation of the reasons for war, including the treatment of Germany in the aftermath of WWI. I thought this set the broader aspect of the war nicely on stage before we were zoomed in to the particulars of training and combat.

The adventure begins when you decide which of three scenarios you will enter – as a British pilot in the Royal Air Force, an American pilot in the Pacific, or a Tuskegee Airman. From there you are thrown into training and, depending upon the choices you make, you may either be part of the air raid on Iwo Jima, escort to Enola Gay (the plane which launched the atomic bomb on Nagasaki), dropping bombs yourself, or engaging in dogfights. But you must beware! Unwise decisions may leave you wounded, dead, or a prisoner of war.

Nothing in the least bit objectionable was present.

Conclusion. Superb – not the most informative WWII resource, but one which will allow your child to feel that he has experienced it himself.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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