Title: MonetMonet
Author: Mike Venezia
Pages: 32
Reading Level: Read Aloud / Beginner
Star Rating: ★★★

This book is part of a series designed to help its readers “get to know the world’s greatest artists”. And Monet at least does accomplish this “getting to know” stage, although it’s more in the line of passing acquaintanceship rather than budding friendship.

Nineteen of Monet’s paintings are included (several of them are briefly discussed) as well as several of the author’s works dramatizing Monet’s life and a few by contemporaries of Monet, which are held up for comparison. I must admit that impressionistic paintings aren’t my cup of tea and I found myself instead captivated by the fierce drama of The Lion Hunt by Delacroix which was specifically included as a contrast to Monet’s style.

Oops. :’D

Venezia’s illustrations, on the other hand, are hardly in style with either Monet’s or Delacroix’s styles, instead taking an exaggerative / goofy style.

Conclusion. I’ve never seen another children’s biography of Monet, so until I find one I’ll recommend this as a beginning read.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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