Title: The El Dorado AdventureVesper Holly #2
Author: Lloyd Alexander
Pages: 164
Recommended Ages: 9 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★

Welcome back, Vesper!

The Story.

There is perhaps no one so indelibly suited to the ownership of a volcano than my ward, Miss Vesper Holly. Indeed, though I, Professor Brinton Garrett, saw no profit to her owning such a thing, I could not help but admit a sort of poetic justice to be found in the circumstance. However, when an opportunity came to visit her land holdings, I set my mind absolutely – such a thing was not feasible. It would not be done.

Two days later we set sail for Ocotalpa, as her volcano was called. Our passage was purchased in advance by one Alan de Rochefort an interested buyer, and a man I viewed with inherent suspicion, both on account of his adventurous taste in real estate, and his French name. But I could never have dreamt that before our dealings with the man and the mountain were over, the dear girl and I would be kidnapped, shot at, chased through jungles, and forced to face death in a dozen different ways!


There are six stories in the Vesper Holly series – this is the second chronologically, but, I am sad to report, the last I shall ever have the pleasure of reading for the first time or reviewing. My adventures with Vesper and her lion-hearted guardian, Brinnie, have truly been a bright spot in my life as a bookster, and I hope one day to return to them for a re-read.

Everything I can possibly have wanted to say about Vesper Holly concerning her originality, phenomenal brains, inimitable spunk, unphazeable outlook, indestructible pluckiness, unshakeable confidence, and heart of gold I have already said in my reviews of her other adventures.

Vesper meets up with the inhabitants of the region around her volcano. From them she learns that their ancestors once worshipped the volcano and that it is still regarded superstitiously. In this village the women do all the work while the men play a variety of cricket, leading for an interesting social scene.

‘God’ is used once. (page 21)

Conclusion. Superb as always. Much credit goes to Lloyd Alexander for his creation of the larger-than-life exploits of that heroine among heroes, Vesper Holly.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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