Title: The Barking Treasure MysteryCam Jansen and the Barking Treasure Myster
Author: Daivid A. Adler
Illustrator: Susanna Natti
Pages: 55
Reading Level: Beginner
Star Rating: ★★

Featuring the return of the human camera person thing.

The Story.

Cam Jansen and her friend, Eric Shelton, are being treated to a boat ride around the city by Eric’s mother when Cam notices that a fellow passenger has brought an animal on board – a practice which is strictly prohibited. But before Cam can settle this puzzle, the dog disappears along with its valuable jewel-studded collar! Can Cam use her fantastic memory to solve this mystery?

Conclusion. Not only was this story super basic, it was also unsolveable based on the clues given, so yeah, no, not a favorite.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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