Title: All About Whales and DolphinsAll About Whales and Dolphins
Author: Gina Shaw
Illustrator: Cristina Ong
Pages: 32
Reading Level: It’s a coloring book…
Star Rating: ★★★

I didn’t quite pick up on the fact that this book was an Activity Book when I laid out a quarter on it, but I’m not too terribly beat up about the difference. In fact, I think I actually like its being an activity book. Every page has a new picture and there are a variety of activities – word scrambles, word searches, connect the dots, mazes, codes, and best of all identification games. In fact the whole book is designed to allow children to discover information through fun and games and encourage children to observe and identify different species of whale.

One message, when decoded, reads “Save the whales and dolphins!” This is on a page which explains that dolphins and whales are in danger of dying out and laws have been passed to protection. Not blatant.

Conclusion. Your children will enjoy learning about sea creatures as they color. [Students interested in reading about Dolphins may enjoy Dolphins! by Sharon Bokoske.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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