Title: The Story of the ConstitutionThe Story of the Constitution
Author: Marilyn Prolman
Illustrator: Robert Glaubke
Pages: 32
Recommended Ages: 7 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★★

After the American War for Independence, the thirteen colonies realized that there was a need for unity and, more specifically, a document that would describe and bind them to that unity. So they formed a document which they called the Articles of Confederation.

However problems soon arose. The colonies developed different road, postal, and monetary systems. Each state was far more interested in preserving its own interests than in preserving and promoting the entire Confederation. Although the nation owed war debts, the individual states were reluctant to pay these. A Rebellion began in Massachusetts. It was then that the people decided something must be done.

That ‘something’ turned into one of the greatest political assemblies in history – the Constitutional Convention. For long, heated weeks both enormous issues of politics and tiny issues of wording were discussed and argued amongst the fifty-five delegates. There were several times that the document almost died. But in the end it was completed, ratified, and amended and now rules as the supreme law of our American system.

Prolman does a superb job briefly explaining the process that created the Constitution, but even better she explains each of the seven articles of the Constitution and includes a chart on the last page of the three branches of our federal government.

Conclusion. A-one.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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