Title: Bunny in a BasketAnimal ARk Bunny in a Basket
Author: Ben M. Baglio
Illustrator: Ann Baum
Pages: 142
Reading Level: 7-9
Star Rating: ★★

Here’s a little Easter story for you!

The Story.

Mandy Hope is excited to be accompanying her best friend, James Hunter, on a vacation to visit his aunt and cousin in York. She’s especially eager to meet Nadia Hunter’s pet bunny, Pixie. But Mandy and James arrive upon a scene of excitement and bustle – Merry’s Chocolate Factory, a local business, is holding a competition for bunnies – the winner will be used as the model for all of their chocolate bunnies for the year!

Pixie makes it past the opening round, but suddenly suffers from a setback in health. What could have caused her sickness? And will she be able to compete in the final round?


As always, light and animal oriented – it’s fun seeing Mandy and James in a different setting, but all of their natural prejudices are present. Mandy draws a fine line between neglect and over-protectiveness when it comes to the treatment of animals and she harshly judges those who fall on either side. She also shines at the bunny competition as she floats around proving how much better she is at handling animals than anyone else present – including other pet owners and the judges!

Obviously Easter is mentioned regularly.

Conclusion. Okay – read Marguerite Henry or Jim Kjelgaard for exceptional animal stories.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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