Title: McBroom and the Big WindMcBroom and the Big Wind
Author: Sid Fleischman
Illustrator: Kurt Werth
Pages: 50
Reading Level: 7-8
Star Rating: ★★★

Long time no see, McBroom!

The Story.

Peel back your ears and listen up folks – this here’s Josh McBroom speakin’ and sure as I’m settin’ here this tale o’ truth is likely to flatten ye.

It all happen the year of the big wind. Why, out on the praire, we’re used to lots of wind – the infernal breezes carry off rabbits, cows, shingles, and anything else yer careless enough to leave round on the farm. But like I said, we were used to it – even invented a type of wind operated plowing system to till our farm. But then came the big wind. Clotheslines, chicken coops, the whole shebang were flying past our wonderin’ eyes as we watched from the windows. That’s how we saw when a mean old black bear blew onto our farm and that’s when I made the stupid mistake of throwin’ up the window to shoot at it. You wanna know what happened? I’ll tell ye what happened.

First off, the wind bent the barrel of my gun at an angle so’s I shot all in the wrong places. Worst yet, the indraft from my opening the window blew all my kids straight up the chimney and out into the sky! But how and I ever supposed to catch the little lambs now!?


Here are a few quotes for your amusement.

We had to wind proof the farm every fall. We’d plant the gield in buttercups. My, they were slippery – all that butter, I guess. The wind would slip and slide all over the farm without being able to get a purchase on the topsoil.”[pg. 22]


That was the howlin’, scowlin’ all mighty big wind that broke my leg. It had not only pulled up the fence posts, but the holes as well. It dropped one of those holes right outside the barn door and I stepped in it. [pg. 42]


I must admit, I enjoy the adventures of the McBrooms. That infernal family is always facing some hair-raising, ear-splitting adventure together on their marvelous farm – an escapade that threatens the security of their farm and which requires the ingenuity of every single one of them, Willjillhesterchesterpeterpollytimtommarylarryandlittleclarinda notwithstanding.

What strikes me as especially hilarious is McBroom’s habit of calling his children “my lambs” whenever they are amidst their wildest ventures… such as flying across the great prairie sky. :)

Conclusion. Quite funny – not the best read for children who struggle with exaggeration or silliness.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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