Title: My First Book About SpaceMy First Book ABout Space
Author: Dinah L. Moche
Illustrator: R. Z. Whitlock
Pages: 24
Recommended Ages: 7-8
Star Rating: ★★★★

In this ‘first book about space’ the material is presented in a question and answers format – questions are posed regarding the various planets and celestial bodies, then answered with accompanying enlightening illustrations.

The questions are fairly basic – “what is a star?” and “how far away is the moon?” kind of stuff – but the answers provided are solid. The questions don’t follow much of a pattern apart from having all the questions about the moon in one place and the Earth in another.

One set of facts I did appreciate was the attempt to give dimensional perspective to the sizes of the celestial bodies. We are told that if we walked day and night without stopping it would take

– 3 months to walk around the moon.

– 1 year to walk around Earth.

– 100 years to walk around the sun.

I also liked that the map of the planets in our solar system included each planet’s moon(s).

Conclusion. Good – not the end all on space, certainly, but good enough.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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